'The Universe is Transformation; Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It.'
Marcus Aurelius

Services Offered in Newquay Cornwall and Internationally


Psychotherapy, Coaching Supervision, Training and Critical Incidence Debriefing Provided to clients across the world.

I offer a number of counselling and coaching approaches richly embeded in research including Person-Centred Counselling, Psychodynamic, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Transactional Analysis in order to tailor sessions to your specific needs. The world of counselling and therapy is diversifying every day as more and more therapists explore increasingly diverse ways of working together, the above information is a very brief overview and often underpins the majority of other approaches utilised.

I offer individual and couples counselling sessions. Please get in touch for further information.

Types of Counselling Offered

Short Term Counselling
This lasts from 4 to 12 sessions and offers tools and techniques to deal with every-day issues such as work-related stress, anxiety, stress management, etc.
Medium Term Counselling
This is usually between 12 and 24 sessions, offering a longer period of time and space to explore issues around bereavement and grief, sexuality and sexual identity, relationship issues etc.
Long Term Counselling
This is open-ended work lasting 24 or more sessions and is there for personal development, abuse, trauma, etc.
The above are by no means set in stone and are offered as a guide, each issue is different and the outcome depends on commitment and input.

Critical Incidence Work

I offer Critical Incident Debriefing across the UK, Cornwall and the SouthWest following critial or fatal incidents in the workplace or incidents affecting the public. I have extensive experience of working with major incidents including supporting rescue personnel and survivors after the London Bombings, survivors of the Rwandan Genocide and UK based families affected by the 9/11 tragedy in New York as well as supporting organisations, staff and families coping with fatalities in the workplace. CID is offered on an individual and/ or group basis and usually occurs on a stand-alone session basis with the option of additional follow-ups and counselling provision as required. Support packages can be completely tailored to your needs; please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Additional Information.


Each session lasts 50 minutes and occurs on a weekly basis. Telephone counselling is a powerful and flexible approach to accessing therapy and omits the need to get to a counselling venue. This approach has the additional flexibility of being acessed from anywhere in the world. Appointments are flexible within reason, and enable you to fit these in around your schedule. Couples counselling is not currently available as a telephone option.

Face to Face

These sessions are based in Newquay last for 60 minutes (individual) and minutes (couples). The sessions occur on a weekly basis for the first batch of sessions (6-10) there is then the option of working fortnightly to enable processing and assimilation of issues addressed in our sessions. Sessions are currently available in Newquay, Cornwall and online.


Online Counselling includes therapeutic support using web-based media including Zoom. This approach offers clients the benefits of additional flexibility in accessing counselling in the comfort of their own space and negates having to travel to appointments.

To book an appointment or for further information (not found on the website), please get in touch via the contacts page.