'An investment in yourself pays the best interest.'
Benjamin Franklin


Online, Telephone, Face to Face Appointments:

Individual Psychotherapy (50 minutes) £120
Couples Pschotherapy (60 minutes) £150
Supervision (90mins) £150
Coaching Packages from £900

Most people usually start with between 6-8 sessions with a review during the middle and at the end, providing an opportunity to extend if you and your therapist are both in agreement.

Missed sessions and late cancellations (within 2 days of the appointment) ARE charged at the full rate per session as above.

Company and Voluntary Agency Rates:
Company rates vary dependent on the company's needs and requirements for Coaching or Training. Voluntary agencies are eligible for reduced rates. For further details please get in touch for an informal discussion and to book and initial consultation to explore how we can work together. Any cancellations made less than 28 days prior to the appointment will be fully chargeable, further fee structures in place for other cancellations - usually provided with contract upon confirmation of booking. All material remains the exclusive property of Bhavna Raithatha.

CISD Rates:
CISD rates are based on a number of components. Please get in touch for further details or to book services for CISD. CISD response can be organised at very short notice. Please feel free to call if an incident needs urgent response turnaround. All cancellations are fully chargeable unless otherwise agreed.

Specialised bespoke workshops are available for a variety of organisational and academic requirements on a number of topics. Workshops can be specially organised for staff training, INSET days, CPD, etc. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. Any cancellations made less than 28 days prior to the workshop will be fully chargeable, further fee structures in place for other cancellations - usually provided with contract upon confirmation of booking. All material remains the exclusive property of Bhavna Raithatha Consultancy.

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